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Welcome to APMI
New Beginnings Recovery Center

The Mission of APMI New Beginnings Recovery Center:

To provide the latest scientific and best practice treatment to people whom suffer the entire spectrum of addiction use disorder. We will also strive to provide an empathetic environment across several levels of care per the individual’s needs.

The Vision of APMI New Beginnings Recovery Center:

To help individuals learn to cope with their problems in a healthy manner, no longer turning to substance use. We understand that addiction effects not only the individual, but also families and the community.

The Values of APMI New Beginnings Recovery Center:

To strive to provide treatment that is compassionate, kind and innovative with integrity and teamwork. Our treatment will be provided with measurable guided principles and outcomes.

 Outpatient Services

Intensive Outpatient Services

Office Based Opioid Replacement Therapy

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